Monday, April 25, 2011

Coral Beach Club and a Transient House

Around one month ago, we drove to Batangas from our home in Tagaytay to look for a beach resort in Matabungkay where we could stay for the day. And we found Coral Beach Club.It is a relatively small resort in comparison to the resorts I have been to before.  

The area was lined up with resorts but it's a good thing that we were able to find this one amidst all of them.  The compound was owned by a female Caucasian (I'm not really sure which nationality) who loves playing golf (according to her staff, she leaves the compound every day to play her favorite sport). 

There were two hotel buildings and two separate cottages in the compound 
which comprised the available accommodation on the beach front.  
There is another hotel building on the other side of the street that doesn't have any view at all.
The facade of the hotel buildings were somewhat Filipiniana in nature. 
It may be because of the old-fashioned balcony or the color of paint used.

They have these floating cabanas where a group of guests can stay for the day.
People can sleep in the small room and they can also have lunch under the heat 
of the scorching sun (if they wanted to).

This is our room on the second floor.  The rooms have names on them instead of numbers.
Ours was Troon and I don't know what the meaning was.  
I looked it up but it was a name of a town in Scotland and that doesn't make any sense.

This was one of cottages.  It is actually beside the pool.
I thought it was a pretty cottage.  
But it costs more than the others.

Brace yourself with the food prices.
I don't know if I remember correctly but I believe
we were not allowed to bring our own food inside.  
The rooms may be affordable but the food in their restaurant are not.

The price range are like that of TGIF or Chili's or something equivalent to that.
I didn't bother ordering anything.  
Good thing we brought our own picnic lunch 
which was eaten in the transient house next door.

Out on the shore, there are booths like these selling shells.
I'm not sure if this is legal though.  If I remember correctly, these corals
are not for sale in most parts of the Philippines.  
By the way, this booth is separate from the Coral Beach Club Resort.
It was nice to look at but I'm definitely not buying.
Bring them back to the sea, I say!

I took this picture of a made-up shrine of corals along the beach.  
I really thought this was nice.
Pointless but nice.

My mother wasn't too happy about not being able to bring the food she cooked
inside the Coral Beach Club so she looked for another place where she could.
And she found this transient home beside the Coral Beach Club.

It has two big bedrooms which houses six double beds.  And it has a small loft
where more people can set up their sleeping bags.
The caretaker said that it was a common venue for company team buildings.
There were parking space for six cars.  

I love the loft.  It's too bad I wasn't able to climb the ladder to see what was up there.
But anything that is elevated must be really fun place to stay.


  1. I like the second place more than the first one :D

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