Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Around Seoul: Namsan Park

Touchdown  on Inchon Airport 5:30AM

Around East Gate Tower Hotel
where we checked in at Dongdaemun Seoul
Clothes and cosmetic shops and traditional Korean restaurants 
and street foods line up the streets

There is a Dance Jump Ride where kids pay to get thrown out of their chairs and roll over the floor.
It was such a funny sight.  Everyone who watched were laughing so hard (including me).

There's a Tarot booth outside the AM PM Mall in Dongdaemun.
It was such a pretty booth.

The first thing I got in the hotel lobby is the map of Seoul 
and a guide to their subway lines.

I used www.VisitSeoul.net website in order to go around Seoul without wasting any precious time.

After taking a long nap in the morning, we headed to Namsan Park for our first walking tour of Seoul.
My Dad was really hesitant using the subway to go around Seoul.  
He is used to the bus tours he and my mother use to book all the time.

It's a good thing my sister and my dad enjoyed the walk
or else, I'll never hear the end of how their feet hurt
because I dragged them to a park on top of a mountain.

And so we took a five-minute ride in the subway to Myeong-dong station, exit 4 and had a 20-minute walk 
to the Namsan elevator/escalator to take us to the cable car stop.

We had to pay 7000 Won for a cable car ride.

The weather was a bit foggy that time but nevertheless, the ride showed us Seoul's skyline.

N Seoul Tower 
We didn't bother climbing the tower.
Going around the park was enough for us.

You can see a number of people taking pictures lying on the ground.
I was telling my sister that she should do the same.

There was a "Christmas tree" in the middle of the year.
It was made of padlocks of different colors.  And each one has a  love note on it.

They also had a Teddy Bear museum which my father refused to go into.

We didn't have lunch yet so we had to go to a park restaurant named "Oriental Room".

The restaurant offered a really nice view.

That was Day 1.  They didn't want to go to anywhere else just thinking of the long way back to the hotel.


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    Oh Vidya, I'm so sorry the doctor made you feel so bad about having a UTI. They are really quite common. My next blog post about this topic will look into the myths and prevention of UTIs.

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